• Name


  • Origin

    Scottish Highlands and the Outer Hebrides

  • Diet

    Highland cows are herbivores, this means that they only eat grasses, shrubs, leaves from trees and the odd flower or two!

  • ruler-icon


    Cows: 90–106cm, bulls: 106-120cm

  • Weight

    Up to 1,800 pounds

Highland Cow Facts

  • Highland cows have long horns and long wavy woolly coats.
  • Highland cattle have an unusual double coat. This helps them to withstand extremely low temperatures. They have an undercoat and a oily overcoat.
  • Highland cattle are an ancient cattle species of Celtic origin.
  • They spend about 8 hours per day grazing and is able to eat approximately 70kg grass.
  • The Highland cattle possess long horns, which they use to defend themselves from predators.
  • These animals are highly intelligent and easy to keep.
  • Highland cattle prefer to forage for their own food rather than feeding in barns.


Did you know that Highland Cows use their horns in winter to dig through snow to find grass and vegetation to eat. They also use their long horns to fight off predators!

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